Targeted Landing Pages

Designing and building location-specific landing pages for your site is one of the most effective ways to rank highly in the search results. Target all of the outlying communities surrounding your office or business location - and track your rankings in all of the areas targeted in real time via our rank tracking platform to gauge the overall effectiveness of your campaign. In shorter periods of time than you might think, you can see drastic results on a local, and even national, level.

Designing and building location specific landing pages for your site is one of the most local landing pages for website effective ways to rank highly in the search results. Whether you're wanting to target all of the outlying communities surrounding your office, or set up drip feeding out fresh content for your blog each month, we can help provide a solution. 

Our targeted landing pages aren't thin duplicate content type pages, these are real pages that are verified unique on the web, that integrate dynamic location-rich content utilizing Google Maps, local cities, and more into each page to ensure its uniqueness. We can generate a city list surrounding a specific mile radius around your area of service to help your rankings in various communities, not just the town your office address is in. We can schedule these pages to publish at any rate desired. 

This is powerful content creation that is built to rank. We can include rank tracking reports for the various keyphrases we are targeting so you can see the traction yourself. Below are a few examples from some recent targeted landing page projects that continue to climb up the search results. 

This first example is a glimpse at a local targeted landing page project we rolled out for a worker's compensation attorney in the Northeast Ohio area. He has a couple of offices just outside Cleveland, so we went ahead and targeted all of the surrounding communities within a 50 mile radius or so of his business. Almost immediately these pages started to have a positive impact. You can see a snapshot of some of the new pages we published and their rankings in the first column... These hyper-specific local pages can help rank clients in just about any market. 

workers comp attorney in north Ohio

Another recent example below is from a local targeted landing page project that we worked on for a roofer client just outside of Los Angeles, CA. The client wanted to drum up more business related to commercial roofing, so we went after all surrounding communities within the distance his team was willing to serve. Again almost immediately upon publishing, many (almost ALL) of these localized pages were strong enough to be ranking on page one of Google (many even #1) for the targeted keyphrase and city. A snapshot of the rankings report from that campaign can be seen below... 

roofing and contractor SEO

Our team has many examples of rankings just like the screenshots shown above, in a variety of niches and locations throughout the country. We can setup monthly recurring publishing, or quicker burst campaigns with all pages rolled out over any desired rate. These local landing pages are proven to be highly effective in the search results, and are a great way to add useful content to your site.