Are You Sharing Leads With Other Dealers?

We will never sell the same Fresh Prospect to a second dealer.

Leads are Targeted Geographically

FICO Score Range Selection

Dealers Assisted Nationwide

Prequalified Within 24 Hours For an Auto Loan

300 Free Leads For Qualified Sales Managers!

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The dealer sets the parameters for what a “qualified auto lead” is. i.e. dealer selects FICO score range, BK status, repossession status, trade line status, and geographical locale.

CarNet Marketing has access to consumers in your market that has had their bureau pulled for auto financing in the last 24 hours.  Each day, we can tell you EVERY customer in your market shopping for a vehicle.  We then use a mailing system, mobile phone appends, 

Email addresses, social media, and our 24/7 live call center to direct these buyers to you. 

Our Fresh Prospect Platform allows you to focus your resources on motivated buyers looking to buy a vehicle from a dealer in your market today. 

We have assisted dealers nationwide exceed sales quotas with our exclusive auto leads facilitated on our CarNet Platform. We've delivered millions of fresh auto sales leads to dealerships like yours throughout the country for over 19 years.

Leads are Credit & Geographically Targeted.

Are You Tired of Getting Old Leads?

Every day the bureaus deliver a record of every individual who gave permission to have their credit verified for an auto loan in the last 24 hours. These are serious buyers looking to make a purchase in the next 3-5 days. Would you like to access this list?

Get Exclusive Leads!

Our leads are guaranteed exclusive to the dealer for your selected demographics. We will never sell the same Fresh Prospect to a second dealer.